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Frank Zappa Toilet Poster © Robert Davidson Photography
Official Frank Zappa “Zappa Krappa” Toilet Poster

For the first time in over 50 years, the official Frank Zappa ‘Toilet Poster’ has been released for sale.

This poster was first created in 1967. No royalties were ever paid, but countless reproductions were made. Three months after the shoot, representatives from Frank Zappa’s management took possession of the negatives.

Forty-eight years on, the negatives found their way back to photographer and copyright owner, Robert Davidson. Robert has made an open edition run of Frank Zappa ‘Zappa Krappa’ posters. Printed true to the original design, these are the only genuine, licensed reproductions of this iconic poster.

The official ‘Zappa Krappa’ poster is now available to buy from the Davidson Online shop.

I Shot Frank Zappa

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‘I Shot Frank Zappa’ is the story of how I found myself in a hotel water closet with one of the world’s most influential rock musicians and waited fifty years to sell a poster.

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